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The Arcanume

Welcome to the Spellbook

Book of Wisdom
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This is a Community based on the Occult and the Macabre. In this Community we will discuss diffrent aspects of the Occult and the Macabre and hopefully I'll try to do some submissions for the readers.


first off

#1: Please, Do not slander this Community or else you will be banned, reported and I will skullfuck your dog.

#2: Try to have an open mind when reading entries

#3: I do requests but they will take time so be patient

#4: If you put in a request be very specific about what you want, The occult and the macabre are both very broad topics and I can easily get intrests mixed up.

#5: If you are part of this community you must comment so that I know what you like if you just idle on the friends list you will get booted.

#6: Absolutely NO one is allowed to force there beilifes on anyone in this community this community is about information for those who have an intrest in any of the subjects listed

Anyway if you wish to become part of this Community make your request to join with

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